Mining And Cement Use Ball Mill Balls

  • Mining And Cement Use Ball Mill Balls
  • Mining And Cement Use Ball Mill Balls
  • Mining And Cement Use Ball Mill Balls
Mining And Cement Use Ball Mill Balls
  • HY
  • China
  • 20-45 days
  • 50000T

Copper and Gold mining High hardness and good wearing grinding media balls
HY mainly produce a range of grinding media balls in the mining and cement industry
1. Mining (Copper, Gold, Iron, Aluminum, Manganese, Zinc, Chrome etc. ), Cement Plant , Power station , chemical industry .
the Hot rolling grinding balls produced by advanced automatic rolling machine ( Grinding Balls from 20mm-70mm) + Labor Air Hammer ( 80mm-150mm) with special Heating treatment and strict quality control systerm , which make our grinding balls high performance
Grinding balls 'Raw Material Purchase : Strategic partnership with standard steel enterprise and sign the long term agreement (50,000 Tons annually ) Purchase directly from Chinese famous standard steel enterprise , such as laigang Group, HBIS, ANSTEEL, XIWANG Special steel .

We have special department of QC teamwork . The QC department director have 10 years experience in this industry . The team is responsible for inspection during production , inspection before delivery . ( Forged Steel Grinding balls Surface and core hardness test each day each batch and all will be recorded and filed in documents )

 Jinan Haoyang Casting & Forging Co.,ltd is one of the leading grinding media manufacturer in China .Our products are designed for grinding of raw materials by cement plants, energy generating companies, ore mining and industrial processing facilities, construction materials plants located in China . Haoyang steel balls manufacturing plant was put into operation in June 2008.Today, we deal with continuously growing consumer requirements for operational properties of grinding media, what directly affects ball mill prices and quality, efficiency of equipment and the enterprise in general.


The plant was built using the most advanced equipment. Through the use of modern technologies and cooperation with a number of research organizations, we managed to achieve very high levels of quality in grinding steel balls. Despite its short history, Haoyang managed to become a manufacturer of quality grinding media for ball mills, as well to keep its position on both the domestic and overseas markets .The operational properties of steel balls produced by Haoyang allow to significantly reduce the consumption of grinding balls and power, to increase grinding fineness of raw materials, to decrease the number of mill repairs and, consequently, to increase their productivity.

Ball Mill balls

Ball Mill Range

Haoyang China manufactures grinding balls to exacting internal specifications at its grinding media production facilities in Zhangqiu Shandong province China, which are strategically located to service China key mining regions. The balls are manufactured from high carbon low alloy steel bars and then forged into balls. Complete metallurgical control is maintained throughout the process, which is critical in order to obtain the optimum wear and impact resistance required for use in mineral processing operations.

Product Specifications

Grinding balls for mining

Sizes: Haoyang manufactures grinding balls in nominal sizes from Dia25mm to Dia150mm. Grinding balls in the range of Dia 50mm to 125mm in diameter are classified as medium balls and are used primarily in ball mill operations.

Chemistry: An individual chemical profile has been developed for each diameter ball to correspond with the requirements for heat treatment. Specific alloy additions are included to produce optimum physical properties. The chemistry of the balls is controlled through a close collaboration with our bar suppliers and robust internal quality systems.

 Surface and Volumetric Hardness (Rockwell C):

 The wear resistance of the balls depends on the microstructure of the steel which is altered using carefully selected heat treatment variables specifically designed for each particular alloy. The control variable for the finish product is the hardness range.


Grinding balls Production Line 

Ball Mill balls                              Grinding balls for mining

Quality Production System

Grinding Media

P/O number , Batch and Date Recordings  


1. Pre-production Checks  : Steel bars (Diameter , Length of Cut bars, Heating Numbers signature ) Equipment includes

Air hammer Forging hammer , cooling time and Quenching time and etc..

Temperature Control :- Quenching start Temperature and Quenching End temperature . ( Produce 10 balls and then

Stop production )     

2. Surface hardness measurement

                       Ball 1 ~~~  Ball 10     HRC Recordings

                                Surface Hardness Target

                                Materials : 60Mn  

                                25-50mm      >62             HRC

                                50-80 mm     >60             HRC

                                90-125mm    56~~59       HRC                         

                                Material : B2  

                                40-70mm      >62             HRC

                                80-100mm   56~~60        HRC

                                110-140mm  52~~56       HRC


   3. Core Hardness Test     Store the 2 cut balls for further inspection

   4. Heat Treatment before packing  (Record Heat batch , Temperature)

   5. Final Hardness Test before dispatch

      Mark the hardness result in the grinding balls


Supply and Quality Guarantee

Long established strategic relationships with local and foreign raw material suppliers allow us to ensure all balls supplied to our customers are made from the highest quality products and meet strict specifications. This gives our customers a confidence in the quality of the product that Haoyang is able to assure.


Packing option 

Bags: Balls can be supplied in woven bags , 1000kgs per bag,on the Pallets and effort in loading and unloading.

Steel Drums: grinding balls to be packed in steel drums with openable top (with threads),drums packed on pallets made of heat treated wood or plywood, two drums per pallet

Ball Mill balls

Application Area


 The ore grinding media usually comes out with the steel grinding ball and steel

Grinding rod. Its quality is the decisive factor affecting the operating cost of the mineral processing plant .

 We could supply different steel grinding balls in line with different mines and diversified needs of the mineral processing plant. We can offer you the wear resistant steel grinding balls with the diameter ranging from 20mm to 140mm to fit for gold ore, Silver ore, cooper ore , iron ore, etc.. Those products get extensive promotion and applications in actual mining industry , and help the customers attain remarkable economic benefits by saying a lot of procurement cost and largely boosting the production output !


Cement Plant

The power consumption and steel consumption of the ball grinding mill occupy a rather high cost ratio in the production and processing process of a cement plant. The hardness , breakage rate and the corrosion resistance of the steel grinding ball affect the production cost and efficency of the ball grinding mill.


Electric Power Plant

The consumption of the steel grinding ball makes up the bulk of the operating cost in the electric power plant . It is very meaningful of how to find a way to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency .


Chemical And other Industries

We can according to the material to be groud provide the most appropriate wear resistant steel grinding balls to enhance the production efficiency of the ball grinding mill, and debase the production cost . Also availabe is the wear resistant steel grinding rod .


Grinding balls for mining


Why Choose Haoyang ?

Where we will buy the steel - Just directly from China Famous steel company or whose qualified distributors.   

 Ball Mill balls

Haoyang have agent in Europe and providing grinding balls solutions for Gold mining . All the goods will be inspected in factory and then inspected in Loading

Port of china by SGS before loading on board . If unqualified , all the containers

Will be returned back to factory !  And we accept the claims caused by any problem of the steel .


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