Hot Rolling Ball Mill Balls

  • Hot Rolling Ball Mill Balls
  • Hot Rolling Ball Mill Balls
  • Hot Rolling Ball Mill Balls
Hot Rolling Ball Mill Balls
  • HY
  • China
  • 20-45 days
  • 50000T

Our Hot rolling grinding balls produced by advanced automatic rolling machine ( Balls from 20mm-70mm) + Labor Air Hammer ( 80mm-150mm) with special Heating treatment and strict quality control systerm , which make our grinding balls high performance

Grinding balls 'Raw Material Purchase : Strategic partnership with standard steel enterprise and sign the long term agreement (50,000 Tons annually ) Purchase directly from Chinese famous standard steel enterprise , such as laigang Group, HBIS, ANSTEEL, XIWANG Special steel .

We have special department of QC teamwork .The QC department director have 10 years experience in this industry . The team is responsible for inspection during production , inspection before delivery .(Hot rolling grinding balls Surface and core hardness test each day each batch and all will be recorded and filed in documents ) .

Haoyang manufacturing grinding balls of European quality :

 Jinan Haoyang Casting & Forging Co.,ltd is one of the leading grinding media manufacturer in China .Our products are designed for grinding of raw materials by cement plants, energy generating companies, ore mining and industrial processing facilities, construction materials plants located in China . Haoyang steel balls manufacturing plant was put into operation in June 2008.Today, we deal with continuously growing consumer requirements for operational properties of grinding media, what directly affects ball mill prices and quality, efficiency of equipment and the enterprise in general.

 The plant was built using the most advanced equipment. Through the use of modern technologies and cooperation with a number of research organizations, we managed to achieve very high levels of quality in grinding steel balls. Despite its short history, Haoyang managed to become a manufacturer of quality grinding media for ball mills, as well to keep its position on both the domestic and overseas markets .The operational properties of steel balls produced by Haoyang allow to significantly reduce the consumption of grinding balls and power, to increase grinding fineness of raw materials, to decrease the number of mill repairs and, consequently, to increase their productivity.

Hot Rolling Balls

Hot Rolling Grinding balls raw material quality control 

Haoyang will send cutomer the pictures of the steel Certificates of the steel bars before starting the production showing the heat number and amount in tons per heat. The heat number shall be painted on the steel drums where the balls are packed ! Where will we buy the steel ? Directly from the famous China Steel company or whose qualified distributors , including Laigang Group , HBIS, Xiwang Group, Huaigang Special Steel and An Steel Group . We only choose formal steel group enterprice as our long-term steel supplier .As the strategic partnership with steel group , the reasonable price could be given to us under different steel situation . Direct manufacturer of Grinding balls , Steel grinding ball and forged steel balls Guarantee Quality and Save Cost are our production principles . 80% fund and energy are contributed to the production equipment and technology. Company will strictly save cost in other aspects . To some extent , which will enable us have lower cost of forged grinding balls and grinding steel balls than any other big enterprice . Grinding balls as the bulk , Low-tec and Low-value consumption goods, price is pretty important for outsoucing. if not , both sides will have no profit . business means profit , no profit , no business ! When choosing grinding media balls supplier , pls ask the manufacturer firstly who are their real raw material supplier and what steel price they could get ?

 Ball mill balls

Hot Rolling Grinding balls 

We have on offer for our customers a vast range of Forged Grinding Media Balls in various sizes and technical specifications. Steel, carbon, manganese, phosphorus, silicon, sulfur, chromium and others are utilized in the manufacturing process of these types of grinding media balls. Extensively utilized in grinding and milling applications, these products have helped us garner a rich clientele in the market.


  • Balls diameter (mm): 125, 100, 90, 80, 75, 70, 65, 60, 50, 40, 30, 25, & 20

  • Forged Steel Grinding Media Balls inspected by SGS or other third party inspection company as your requirements .

The forged steel grinding ball is excellent in surface quality , toughness, and resistance to impact and abrasion . It won't crack and lose circularity easily. The forging and stamping method that we use is that heating the metal until the temperature reaches the suitable degree.Each process will be controled by responsible worker . and if there is any problem about each process, all the production will be stopped !

Hot rolling production :

Hot Rolling Balls

At present , Grinding media balls production mainly use 2 production technique : one is Hot rolling , another is Air hammer Forging 

HY usually produce 20mm-60mm by Hot rolling machine and 70mm-150mm will be produced by labor air hammer .

The advantages of Hot rolling grinding balls : High Productivity and output ; Better surface ; better work condition and save labor cost 

The rolling process of grinding ball was developed from the former Soviet Union and it is also called helical rolling technique. The equipment mainly includes two rollers which cross each other and rolls around their own axes, the rolled piece is driven to move forward by the friction force between the roller and the rolled piece itself. Usually, the rolled materials are medium carbon steel, low alloy steel and medium alloy steel. Due to the steel bar can be used in rolling and be rolled continuously, the output of hot-rolling grinding ball is pretty high. Especially in recent several years, the forming technique of hot rolling grinding ball has a breakthrough progress.

Grinding balls Production Process :

Ball mill balls

Packing of Grinding Media Balls

The grinding balls to be packed in steel drums with openable top or bulk bags.The plastic bags should be of good quality with 5:1 safety ratio .Drums or bags packed on pallets made of heat treated wood or plywood.

Hot Rolling Balls

Why choose us ?

1.  Strategic Partnership with standard steel enterprise and sign the long term agreement  ( 50,000 Tons Annually ) Purchase directly from Chinese famous standard steel enterprise , such as Laigang Group , HBIS, ANSTEEL , XIWANG SPECIAL STEEL .

2. Our vice Director Mr Chen as the grinding balls’ technology specialist is personally responsible for  the steel purchasing . (Negotiating , Sign Contract with steel company , Steel elements Matching confirmation  and inspection

3. Stable Delivery time

4. Each batch steel label will be taken photo and recorded ( Steel company name, Description of goods , Specification , Steel Grade, Heat Number , Production Date and etc.. ) for Tracking in future 5 years !

5.  The steel will be inspected by spectrograph When into our factory

 If there is any problem with the chemical composition , all the steel will be returned back to steel company  

6. Information exchange of Steel price tendency  

Cooperation case

Ball mill balls

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